Specimen 57?

These are fun 🙂

The diagram is a cross section of an insect eye.  So much cool stuff in the public domain!

Here’s your track for today: Holy Other – Feel Something


See Birds

Here’s a little digital collage experiment with some public domain photos. Really enjoyed this playing with this one. The bird snuck in there as I was listening to Balam Acab’s  See Birds (Sun). Check it out.


Shining a Light

“Shining a light of beauty in the universe”

There’s a line in this song, Maximalist, by Baths, that stops me in the middle of whatever I’m doing and asks me to really listen. I think you should listen, too. Last night, I decided to make this little illustration in response, using a mix of traditional and digital techniques. I kinda like it.

Work Hard. Be Nice.

Every year I work up a t-shirt design for the 7th grade class in my hometown of Fairmont MN. This year their slogan was straightforward: “Work Hard. Be Nice.” This is the design they chose:

As a fun fact, they will be graduating one decade after my own high school graduation. Hope they like the shirts!

And some music: Gorilla Meat (Live) by Jogger

Living the Good Life

Huh, it appears I forgot to share this one! So much texture!

Awesome remix of The Submarine’s You Me & The Bourgeoisie by Tonetiger

Doodle 4-25

I have nothing to say about this.

Alias & Tarsier – Sleepy

Definitely rusty!

Been a while since my last self portrait attempt. Here’s one from last night. Definitely rusty! The likeness is a bit off… jaw’s too wide I think.

Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis (Bonobo Remix)