The Nelson Challenge

This Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm we will be having a reception for our show, The Nelson Challenge, at the Museum of Visual Materials.  What is the Nelson Challenge?  I’m glad you asked!

Chad Nelson, printmaker extraordinaire, challenged our printmaking class to create half the number of editions (artworks that are run in a series of multiple original prints) he was planning for the semester.  As he was planning on 16, those who accepted the challenge needed to create 8 editions.  The work on display at the Museum of Visual Materials shows the results of this epic printmaking endeavor.  Do come take a look!  There will be refreshments and lots of cool people!

This is the poster for the show with all the info, click for a larger view!  We screenprinted 50 or so of these, so if you see one out in the community after the show is over, be sure to snatch it up – it is an original piece of artwork!


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