Life Drawings from February

I’ve been attending a Thursday evening drawing group the past few weeks to get back into the swing of drawing the human figure.  It’s a pretty laid back group with some great skill and many different approaches to the subject.

I don’t believe I’ve posted any figure drawings before, so for those who aren’t aware life drawing here means drawing from the nude model.  A lot of people are shocked by this, and maybe a bit uncomfortable.  If this describes you, then feel free to navigate away from this post – however I’d encourage you to have an open mind and attempt to appreciate a practice the old masters themselves utilized.  I had the same feelings when I first discovered I would have to do so as part of my art major.  But any hesitation quickly faded once I had experienced a life drawing session.  It is an intricately beautiful form, and can portray such a wide swath of the human condition.  I won’t waste any time here defending the practice, as others have done so far more eloquently.  For those who are skeptical or curious, I will direct you to Scott Parson’s reflection on the study of the human figure.

Below are a few drawings, done during 20 minute poses, with which I was quite satisfied:


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