Alchemy Characters

So I’ve been extremely interested recently in turning abstract shapes into illustrated characters.  Letting the mind run rampant with possibilities is a blast.  Here are a few illustrations which have sprung forth from some random shapes created in Alchemy.  Some of these are going to be screen printed posters / postcards.  I’m going to look into the possibility of getting some desktop video capture software so I can show the process of creating the shapes and refining them into an image.  If you find that interesting, let me know!

So I’m entirely sure where the animal mask motif came from, but it keeps reappearing in my sketches and alchemy experiments, so I’m going to explore it!

Been jamming to The Glitch Mob recently.  Try Bad Wings


3 responses to “Alchemy Characters

  1. I love the first picture so much. Absolutely so much.

  2. Looks pretty stellar! I might have to give alchemy a try soon!
    The life of Tyler has been pretty hectic lately, so I really haven’t spent any time creating just for entertainment… Tonight I vow to change that! You have inspired me to do so.
    Also, I LOVE The Glitch Mob.

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