A Little Bit of Alchemy

I’ve recently begun experimenting with a drawing program that had been gathering digital dust on my hard drive.  It’s called Alchemy, and is completely free!  Alchemy is an open source project, and so has all sorts of neat features implemented into it.  The thing that I absolutely love about it is that there is no undo button.  Now, some would say that sucks, but I have to disagree.  You can’t make mistakes, because they don’t exist within the context of Alchemy.  It’s all experimentation – creating exciting shapes and lines and watching them become something new.  This thing was aptly named.

I’m going to be playing with it a lot, so expect to see some crazy stuff!  I even have a little side project involving this program and the creation of music… but you will just have to wait and see for now.  In the meantime, here is the new banner created using Alchemy and its Mic Shapes tool – which alters the qualities of your drawing utensil based upon the sound coming through your microphone!

What was I listening to when I drew this? – Ashtray by edIT


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