Have some drawings!

Sorry for the slow blog postings again… I’ve been extremely busy these last few weeks.  But this is all for a very good reason!  My buddy Tom and I launched our webcomic, Pity Laugh Please, this past Tuesday!  We had been tossing the idea around for over a year, and finally just decided to go for it.  Pretty exciting stuff!  If you have yet to check it out, do so now!  We’ve named our comic Pity Laugh Please, because our particular brand of humor is, well, quite odd.  So, in order to not hurt our self esteem too badly, we ask that you laugh out of pity 😉  Ok, in all honesty we hope that you really will find some amusement in the comics.  Enough about that, go look here !

Today I have some sketches from the last couple of weeks for you to enjoy!  This first set here consists of drawings I did at DrawnTown Sioux Falls, 8th edition.  DrawnTown is an event that occurs once a month, where a group of artists, writers, and just cool people in general get together to draw, write, and hang out, generally just having a good time.  Check out Graphic Content for more info, photos, and artwork from the event!

After that are a few randoms, and also the avatars of me and Tom that I drew for Pity Laugh.

Thanks once again for stopping by!  Don’t forget to add Pity Laugh Please to your bookmarks, and check it every Tuesday, and hopefully Fridays as well, for updates!  And for those of you on Twitter, you can follow us – @pitylaughplease



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