Day 3 – Operation Blog Revival – Metaphors!

I bet you didn’t think I would make it!  Well, I’m back for a third day.  This one will be quick though (hopefully).

Another image from my photoshop class.  The assignment prompt this go around was to create an image that depicted the differences between men and women.  I really struggled coming up with a serious topic to do a design around, so I went the route of creating something humorous instead.  That’s right, this image is intended to be funny!

Click for full size

It’s the old stereotype that says men are simple minded and women are mysterious and complicated (okay, so maybe there is some truth to it 🙂 joking again… but seriously 😛 ). Anyways, I wanted to show this dichotomy by comparing an extremely basic control panel with an overly cluttered instrument panel from an airplane cockpit.  I then went in and replaced the text on the panels to add more “clever” humor to the piece, but in a more subtle way.  If you look closely you will see that I am poking fun at both sexes.

I don’t think this piece is particularly amazing, but I do think that it illustrates a neat idea.  You can approach a subject that would typically be handled very literally in a purely abstract way.  So rather than resorting to simply using images of said subject, you create a metaphor that broadens our understanding of the subject by comparing it with something else – in this case comparing men and women to instrument panels of varying complexity.  I may have weakened the metaphor here by explicitly stating that the image is about men and women – but then again, it may be necessary to effectively communicate that message.  It’s a fine line to walk.

That’s all for tonight.  Will there be more tomorrow?


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