Day 2 – Operation Blog Revival

Hey look, I’m back for day 2!

Today’s image is from a class assignment to do a self-portrait in photoshop.  I was just goofing around and thinking about what would be the ultimate self portrait.  Then I started thinking about clones.  They would make pretty accurate self portraits, wouldn’t they?  Or maybe not.

Click for full view

Let’s say someone did manage to clone their self, and all the physical details were perfectly replicated.  Cool.  But all the memories, the experiences, the idea of the mind/soul that this person possesses – what about those?  They seem to be a separate entity, things that are on a different plane of existence, not physical parts of the human body.  So, something does get cloned, but isn’t it just the shell?  An object that mimics the subject, but has no real connection with it?

That’s the reasoning behind the decapitated clone in this image.  Something goes wrong in the cloning process, and the results aren’t quite right.  Something’s missing.  The practice of self-portraiture is interesting in those regards.  Artists try to create a visual record of themselves.  But these aren’t clones – not if a real effort to capture oneself is made.  A good self portrait reflects more than just physical appearances.  It is imbued with a part of the artist’s personality, their experiences, the essence of who they are.  Sure, self portraits are an excellent way to practice drawing skills – but those drawings are rarely made to communicate with others.

I think I captured a bit of myself with this self-portrait.  I’m a goofy person, and enjoy the process of play and how it develops into valuable ideas.  This image is goofy and playful, and it’s a vehicle for me to discuss some of my life philosophy, and in that sense it’s a successful image.  The composition and execution of the piece may not be where I want them, but nonetheless I kind of like it.  It has value to me 🙂  Also, I learned a neat little trick to make the HUD (heads up display) elements on the image, using the pencil tool and zooming way in, drawing one pixel at a time.  Has some pretty neat results!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another, adios!


2 responses to “Day 2 – Operation Blog Revival

  1. Yes, being an artist myself, I have to agree that self portraits have to define the person’s personality .I must say that it is also applicable to portraits in general. It has to bring something to the audience that connects them to their soul.

    and may I add, I think that portraits are a great medium on how artists want to be seen and remembered more than their physical appearances. 🙂

    Great self portrait btw. You have wicked Photoshop skills.

    ps. Welcome back and goodluck on your operation blog revival 😀

  2. I think that if the person was cloned their brains would be cloned, thus all those feelings that are triggered by firing synapses would be there the all the brain stuff. I guess I wonder about the soul. That which makes a person if there is one. I believe there is one. What if you had the personality the soul of a person but not the body? You should watch Caprica….it’s along those lines.
    I also really like that self portrait I feel like you should have put some sort of lab in the back round though make it more realistic. Plus if your whole self had a lab coat and goggles that would be awesome!

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