Oh yeah, I have a blog…

So, it’s been about 3 weeks since I have updated.  Sorry about that.  I have stuff to show, it just seems I got distracted or something.  Anyways, hopefully regular weekly updates will resume – we’ll see.

To make up for my lackluster postings, I’m thinking I will toss up a new piece from my photoshop class each day for the next few days or so to get back into the swing of things.  It has been a while since I’ve done this much photomanipulation, I kind of forgot how much fun it can be.  Not my usual medium, but it has some really cool results that can be achieved.

Alright, begin Day One of Operation Blog Revival!

To begin, a little bit about photomanipulation for those of you who haven’t heard the term.  Essentially it is taking several images and synthesizing them into one cohesive image.  To do it well, you need a solid understanding of how light affects form, how shadows tie things together, soft and hard edges, and so much more.  I won’t claim to be great at any of this, but I think my experience using both traditional media as well as experimenting with the digital stuff has been hugely beneficial.  Many of these skills transfer really well from other mediums.  The trick is working with photographs and computer programs – not always the most flexible or expressive tools, unless you decide to make them be.

These two images are my visual interpretations of the opposing ideas of fatalism vs free will.  Myself, I like to think that we do have the ability to exercise free will and that everything isn’t heading in one direction with only one outcome.  Fatalism just feels like giving in.  I guess I kinda think we have the choice to give in to fatalism.  We don’t have to live life just accepting what is and what is going to be.  We can work towards our own ideal future – but it does require a great deal of motivation, effort, hard work, all those things that we sometimes find hard to muster.

Bridges occurred to me as perfect imagery for these pieces.  What is the purpose of a bridge?  It gets you to a specific location, it’s a one way road across a barrier, and typically this barrier is otherwise insurmountable by the means of travel you are utilizing.  I guess you could call bridges the ultimate fatalistic architecture.  Okay, there are probably better examples, but just go with it.  In the fatalism piece I superimposed the bridge image on top of a desert landscape, altered the colors and added some texture to give it a distressed almost hopeless or resigned look.  I really like the footprints in the concrete bridge – I think they symbolize that idea of there being only one “concrete” path to follow through life.

With the free will piece I wanted to break the idea that bridges are the only way across unfriendly terrain, and so I have the woman and the footprints which both digress from the dock that extends up through the center of the composition.  These are clear representations of decisions to make a conscious decision to make one’s own path.  Sure, the path may be far more difficult, and you don’t necessarily know where it will take you.  The point is that you are going somewhere of your own accord.  That is empowering, and I think a much more fulfilling way to live.  Again, just my opinion.  Not saying it’s right, but it explains the way I do things.

I’d be interested to hear some of your thoughts on this topic.  It’s one of the oldest philosophical debates, and one which will not be settled anytime soon.  I can only say I dabble in philosophy, but find it extremely enjoyable

Check back tomorrow for another image!


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